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September 2005 Meeting Notes:

The Burgers Board held its first meeting of the 2005-06 academic year this week. I am pleased to use this occasion to bring you up to date on the status of the Burgers Program and on our plans for the coming academic year. Feel free to forward this message to anybody who may be interested including your postdocs and students.

Table of Contents:


The Burgers Board was established in the spring of 2003. Inspired by the intellectual heritage of J.M. Burgers, the mission of the Burgers Board is to enhance the quality and international visibility of the research and educational programs in fluid dynamics and related areas at the University of Maryland. Fluid dynamics in this context is viewed to include a broad range of dynamics, from nanoscales to geophysical scales, in simple and complex fluids.

The current members of the Burgers Board are:

Jan V. Sengers, Chair, Anil Deane (DOE), J. Robert Dorfman (IPST/PHYS), Daniel P. Lathrop (IREAP/IPST/PHYS), Gijs Ooms (JMBC in Delft), Rajarshi Roy (IPST), Katepalli Sreenivasan (ICTP in Trieste/IPST), and James M. Wallace (ENME).

The first initiative of the Burgers Board was to establish an annual Burgers Lectureship starting in the fall of 2003. The first Burgers Lecturer was Frans T.M. Nieuwstadt from the J.M. Burgerscentrum in Delft. A second major development was the establishment of an interdisciplinary Burgers Program for Fluid Dynamics. About 60 faculty spread over 18 different units in the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Physical Sciences and the Clark School of Engineering are currently participating in the Burgers Program. Further information can be found on the website of the Burgers
Program: The Burgers Board hopes to improve this website further during the coming academic year, and to develop a suitable logo for the Burgers Program.

The Burgers Program was a cosponsor of the International Conference on Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics that was held at the University of Maryland Campus in May 2005.

As has been emphasized by President Mote, an inspiring academic university should be more than a collection of isolated teaching centers and research institutes. To support and encourage intellectual exchange and collegiality on campus, to foster the advancements in knowledge and intellectual synergy that come from such exchange and collegiality, and to promote a dynamic curriculum that reflects the frontiers of research and scholarship, the Graduate School has developed a program for the formation and recognition of interdisciplinary Field Committees. I am pleased to inform you that the Burgers Program is currently being considered by the Graduate School as the first of such a Field Committee.


Our Burgers Visiting Faculty Program provides a vehicle for attracting outstanding scholars to spend some time at the University of Maryland.
Professor Bruno Eckhardt of the Philipps-Universitaet in Marburg, Germany, stayed at the University of Maryland during the entire 2004-05 academic year as the first Visiting Burgers Professor. He not only interacted with Daniel P. Lathrop, his primary host, but also with many other faculty in the Burgers Program including Thomas M. Antonsen, Wolfgang Losert, Edward Ott, and James A. Yorke.

This year we welcome two Burgers Visiting Associate Professors. The first is Serge Simoens from the CNRS in Lyon, France. Dr. Simoens has already arrived and will be with us during the entire 2005-06 academic year. His primary hosts are Richard V. Calabrese, Kenneth T. Kiger, Daniel P. Lathrop, and James M. Wallace. The second is Sasa Kenjeres from the J.M.
Burgerscentrum in Delft, The Netherlands. Dr. Kenjeres is expected to arrive on September 20 for a period of about five months. His primary host is Dmitry Chalikov. You are welcome to contact these visiting scientists via and, respectively.


At the faculty meeting in the spring semester it was decided to expand the annual Burgers Lecture into a half-day annual Burgers Symposium. The 2005 Burgers Symposium wil be held on Thursday November 17, 2005 in room 1105 in the Inn and Conference Center of UMUC. The two Burgers Visiting Scholars, Serge Simoens and Sasa Kenjeres, will each speak at this symposium. Frans T.M. Nieuwstadt, our first Burgers Lecturer, died tragically earlier this year. Frans Nieuwstadt was an outstanding scholar, who also with J.A. Steketee has edited the collected works Burgers and authored a biography of Burgers. James M. Wallace will talk about the Legacy of Frans Nieuwstadt.

The keynote lecture "On dynamical models of turbulence" will be given by the 2005 Burgers Lecturer Charles Meneveau of the Johns Hopkins University. Just as last year, there will be a student poster session in which students of the Burgers Program will compete for two best-poster awards. The actual schedule is as follows:

1.00-1.05: Introduction by J.V. Sengers
1.05-1.45: S. Simoens
1.45-2.25: S. Kenjeres
2.25-3.00: Legacy of Frans T.M. Nieuwstadt by J.M. Wallace
3.00-4.00: Break for poster session with refreshments
4.00-5:00: Keynote lecture by C. Meneveau.
5.00-5.30: Announcement of two best-poster awards.

You are requested to reserve the date of November 17 for the 2005 Burgers Symposium in your calendar.


At the faculty meeting in the spring semester it was also decided to embark on a monthly Burgers Seminar Program. The purpose of the Burgers seminars is to facilitate intellectual and social interaction between faculty, postdocs and students of the Burgers Program. The seminars will be held the first Friday of each month in room 1116 of the IPST building at 12 noon.
Participants can bring a brown-bag luncheon. Drinks and cookies will be provided by the Burgers Program. We propose to experiment with a 30 minute-30 minute schedule. For instance, during the first half, one of the Burgers Visiting Scholars can introduce himself or herself and then, in the second half, one of the hosts could tell about the research in his or her group or, possibly, about a planned joint project. Another version will be that a faculty member gives first an overview of his or her research followed by a postdoc or a student who would address one topic in some more detail. We may also accasionally abandon the 30 min-30 min format in favor of a talk by a visitor. The hope is that the sessions will be informal allowing for discussions and exchanges of ideas. The 2005-06 Burgers Seminar Program will be organized by James H. Duncan and Jan V. Sengers. Persons that are potentially interested in speaking in the Burgers Seminar Program are requested to contact either Jim Duncan or Jan Sengers.
The dates of the 2005-06 Burgers Seminar Program are the following:

FALL SEMESTER: October 7, November 4, and December 3.

SPRING SEMESTER: February 3, March 3, April 7, and May 5.

You are requested to mark these dates in your calendar. Note that February 3, 2006 will be reserved not for a seminar, but for the annual Faculty Assemblee Meeting of the Burgers Program.

The first Burgers Seminar on Friday October 7 will feature as speakers Serge Simoens and Kenneth K. Kiger. This will provide the Burgers Faculty with an opportunity to meet one of our new Burgers Visiting Scholars, while Ken Kiger will speak as one of the hosts of Dr. Simoens.


The Netherlands has an outstanding research program in fluid dynamics that grew out of the centuries-old need for water works. As you can read in the Outlook Section of the Washington Post of Sunday, September 11, 2005, the famous Dutch physicist Hendrik Lorentz already applied his scientific talents to this need. Jan Burgers, born in 1895 and a Ph.D. student of Paul Ehrenfest at the Leiden University, founded the Laboratory for Aero- and Hydrodynamics at the Technical University in Delft. In the 1930's William Durand ranked BURGERS, PRANDTL, TAYLOR, and VON KARMAN as the "big four" in fluid dynamics. In 1955 Jan Burgers joined the University of Maryland, where he remained active until his death in 1981. Hence, the Burgers Program has a natural partnership with the J.M. Burgerscentrum (JMBC) in The Netherlands because of our common heritage through Jan Burgers.

JMBC is the Dutch national research school for fluid mechanics with active research groups at six universities, namely in Delft, Eindhoven, Groningen, Leiden, Nijmegen, and Twente. Further information can be found at As Chair of the Burgers Board at UMD, I have visited most of these research groups during the past two years.

The establishment of the Burgers Program for Fluid Dynamics was celebrated with an Inaugural Burgers Symposium that was held in November 2004. It was a joint UMD-JMBC Symposium with several speakers from JMBC. Because of the success of that Symposium, JMBC has taken the initiative of organizing a JMBC-UMD Symposium that will be held January 12, 2005 at the Delft University of Technology. The program can be found on the website of JMBC; click on "Newsflash".

I am scheduled to be in The Netherlands during the last week of September, where I shall meet with the Director of JMBC to discuss further details about this joint symposium and other matters of mutual interest. I shall also visit Leiden University which only recently (May 2005) became affiliated with JMBC. In addition I shall represent the Burgers Program at a meeting of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW) on September 26, where Detlof Lohse, JMBC professor in Twente, will be inducted as a new member of the KNAW. In the fall of 2005, Detlef Lohse will also receive a Spinoza Award which is the most prestigeous science award in The Netherlands; it will provide him with 1.5 million euro for research of his choosing.

The science and engineering education programs at the universities in The Netherlands encourage students to do a project in other countries. As such we have already had several students from the Twente University at UMD. If you are interested in hosting a student from The Netherlands for a joint project, let me know; I shall then forward this information to JMBC.


The Burgers Program has made an arrangement with the Center for Environmental & Applied Fluid Dynamics (CEAFM) of the Johns Hopkins University for an annual joint Student and Postdoc Symposium. The first CEAFM-Burgers Student and Postdoc Symposium was held in May 2005 at the campus of Johns Hopkins University. The second CEAFM-Burgers Student and Postdoc Symposium will be held sometime during the spring of 2006 at the University of Maryland Campus. The JHU-UMD Coordinating Committee for the interaction with the Johns Hopkins University consists of Ugo Piomelli (Chair), Istvan Szunyogh, and Jan V. Sengers. More information about this event will be provided later.


AVRAM BAR-COHEN (ENME) and EITAN TADMOR (IPST/MATH/CSCAMM) have been elevated to the rank of Distinguished University Professor. They will be inducted at the convocation ceremony on September 21.

The students of KAYE L. BRUBAKER (ENCE) have designed and are now building an 800-square-feet house that totally runs on solar energy. The house will compete in a DOE competition on the National Mall in Washington, DC in October.

SERGEY NOVIKOV (IPST/MATH)has been awarded the Wolf Prize in Mathematics for his fundamental and pioneering contributions in topology and mathematical physics.

ELISABETH SMELA (ENME) has been awarded the E. Robert Kent Outstanding Teaching Award for Junior Faculty of the Clark School of Engineering.


With our current limited financial resources we have been fortunate to make considerable progress with the help of some participating units (in particular IPST and ENME) and of several members of the Burgers Faculty.
Nevertheless for the long-term viability of the Burgers Program it is imperative that we develop an appropriate level of endowment in the Burgers Fund. I urge you to consider the possibility of giving an annual donation to the Burgers Fund. Donations should be made payable to the "UMCP Foundation" with "Burgers Fund" on the memorandum line. Checks can be sent to either Larry Lauer, Director of Adminstrative Services of IPST, or to me. I thank you in advance for any contribution you may be able to make towards the Burgers Fund.

Jan V. Sengers
Institute for Physical Science and Technology and Burgers Program for Fluid Dynamics University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742
phone: 301 405 4805
fax: 301 314 9404